Water from a Deep Well

Sermon Series begins March 2017

witness alphabet art
witness alphabet art
witness alphabet art


Christians above all else are to bear witness, not to a religion, a set of dogmatic precepts, or a way of life. Rather, they are to be a testimony to the living God who called them our of death into life through His Son, Jesus Christ. The idea of witness is as ancient as is the Church. The New Testament term for witness is martyr, from which we get our modern day idea of giving one's life for the faith.


March 12: Water from a Deep Well: The desire for a deeper Christian life
March 19: Is Christianity a Cult?: On the outside looking in
March 26: A Matter of Citizenship: Claiming our deepest roots
April 9: Who is Your Lord? Claiming a new Authority
April 16: To Know Truth: The uncomfortable claim

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